An increase of women have been aborting their babies because of a recent “gay gene” discovery.

Many of the women say they would have had no problem raising a gay kid before the discovery of the gay gene, but now since they have more knowledge of the unborn, they enjoy the control they have…

That is preposterous! I don’t care if the child is down syndrome, genius, gay, straight, black, white, or one of twins. Every single one of those children have a right to life. The possibility of future sin does not warrant punishment or action now; the child has done nothing to deserve death either way. 

Hi there. I was gonna say... gays cannot help who they are. So I really don't think it is fair to say it's a sin to be gay. Sometimes I'm weird about straight people, but that doesn't mean if I was God I would say it's a sin? Very strange to me. Kind of hurts my feelings.

Hello, :) I’m sorry that it hurts your feelings. I don’t wish to attack who you are you or any one else, and I know many homosexuals identify themselves with their sexuality powerfully. The point of rebuking is in no way pain, but is love, and some have yet to grasp this concept when teaching.

I thought  it was very interesting that you said, “but that doesn’t mean if I was God I would say it was a sin.” First, we must realize, of course, that God has no gender. Second, no person (least not me, lol) could ever be God - And I know that’s not what you’re saying, that you could be God, but I’m drawing the distinction between God and humans. God doesn’t have a sexuality - He IS love. He loves all, because that’s who He is. So then why do we have a sexuality, why should we be straight? 

The answer lies in our creation. We were made with a sex, and with a sexuality, two things God doesn’t have, and this is a very integral part of us, down to our very souls. Man and Woman were made in the distinct respects of God’s nature, how God is. Man was made to be the leader, strong, etc. Woman was made with grace and beauty, etc. But there are many many things that man and woman have in common, such as creativity, adventurousness, etc. And there are some of each trait in both, like leadership and strength are also present in women. And the same goes for beauty and grace in men, even when they don’t like being called beautiful. :D And all of these are traits of God, found in God. But, you see, man and woman are, really, but half of a puzzle, one puzzle piece, carrying half of God’s nature. And we were made to come together in marriage, become one, and be the stunning image of God. Man is not meant to be alone. Now, All of that was why I believe heterosexuality is right and in the image of God.

Now there are some verses about sexual immorality and blahblahblah that I could throw at you for why homosexuality is wrong, but you’ve probably seen those, and even without them, I believe it is manifest as to why homosexuality is wrong. There is something important I wish to communicate. Many times (even myself, at one point) people are more offended by the declaration of homosexuality as a sin because they are thinking of it this way:  they are told that homosexuality is only unnatural because it is, for some reason, wrong, as if the sin is independent of wrongness and only declared so. But, in fact, it is just the opposite. It’s not unnatural because it is wrong, it is wrong because it is unnatural.

And another thing that offends many (including myself at one point) is what they think wrongness is. Sin is simply what God did not create us to do or be. Well, who is God to tell us this? This response is self-explanatory, but a more common one is why would God create us for this purpose and then also create us to sin/go against this purpose. And the answer to this is one of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity.

Imagine, you have a basket of puppies. Also, you have the ability, somehow, to make these puppies love you, even though, without this ability, they might not love you. Now, I’m sure you and I would want to not use the ability to make them love you, you would want them to love you on their own. It’s called free will. And that is what God gave us. And the moment he did, we turned from Him, and we have yet to turn fully back to Him, and embrace Him. Now, why would we want to love God after all? If you’re curious as to the answer of this, please ask me, but, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, my response is now terribly long and I don’t want to make you read more than you have to. 

The last thing I have to say is about your comment that gays cannot help who they are. This is an argument that many get powerfully into. And some think that, because someone is born with this tendency (which we all have had at some time or another) that it is a permanent and integral part of who he or she is. I disagree, and here is why: First, yes, no one is perfect. Therefore, second, we must all be born with sin in our hearts (sin being dissonace with God’s nature). Therefore, third, the belief that someone born gay could not change naturally implies and leads to the assumption that, if we all have sin in our hearts, none of us could change. And I hope that it is manifest for you that this is not true; people change all of the time, yes for the better. I know of homosexuals that have gone to counseling at my church and discussed for many weeks and went to church for many weeks, and they worked through their sexual immoralities. And no, not everyone one will change, but everyone can change. And that is one of the most important things to realize about life. I am born a sinner, a liar, a cheater, a thief, a luster, a loner, a hater, but most  of all, I am born the son of God. And so not only is it wrong for me to continue in my sin, but my sin no longer has any hold on me. I am free of it. I do not need it, and I do not want it. Though I fall seven times, I will rise again. For I have in me the power of change. And so does every other living person. 

Thank so much for such a good question. And I’m sorry I had a lot to say, haha. Feel free to ask any other question you wish! Have a wonderful week.

do u hate gays

Of course not! If I did, I would be a huge hypocrite.  

What have I to hate  a homosexual for? Naught! I am just as bad as them! I lie, I steal, I curse,  I lust, I sin constantly. Of course, just because another person sins, does not mean it would be okay for us to, because we are to compare ourselves to the Lord, not another person who is just as sinful. 

So no, I do not hate homosexuals. I love them, very much so!
May God make your life unending bliss. 

What does God feel towards gays?

God loves them so immensely. As a very good song by a very good band put  it: “No eye has seen, No ear has heard, The depths of Your love.”
A homosexual is just the same as any other sinner. God hates all sin.
But God cannot hate any of His creation. There are things God can’t do. His very nature dictates good, and if bad is outside of good, then God can’t do it. God can’t lie, God can’t hate, God can’t sin. It is not possible.
God loves homosexuals so impossibly much. He loves you so impossibly  much. He loves me so impossibly much. Even when I fail Him! Everyday I fail Him! And He  still loves me…
Who else does that?

I tell you, no one…
Thank you for your question, please ask any question you wish. :)

P.S. When you get your afro, I want to see. :D